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pipe roller cradle
Pipe Roller Cradle

Pipe Roller Cradle

SPM EQUIPMENT is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Roller cradles in Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, and Malaysia. Our offered Pipe Roller Cradles are used for inline travel operations and in order to lay pipes in the excavated trenches after the welding process. SPM roller cradles provide the comfort of smooth operation. We are giving nylon as well as polyurethane roller. The advantage of polyurethane rollers is to help the exterior coating of the pipe from damage while line traveling operation.

Our pipe-lowering cradles are designed to hoist piping and lay it in the trench for covering operation before laying it back on the track. SPM Pipe Roller Cradle non-marring rollers with anti-friction bearings mounted on high-strength cables. It complies with all applicable standards.

pipe lowering cradle

A pipe rolling cradle is one of the pipeline equipment used in pipeline construction for lowering the pipe after finishing the mainline and bending procedure using SPM equipment.

SPM EQUIPMENT also offers a range of other equipment to meet the specific needs of Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction. Our product line includes internal pneumatic line-up clamps, PIPE RACK ROLLERS, PIPE AND PREHEATING TORCH, and more. These equipment are designed to provide high-quality and efficient solutions for various pipeline installation projects.

Pipe Rolli Cradle- Feature & Advantages:-

pipe roller cradle side view
heavy duty pipe roller cradle