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Internal Hydraulic Clamp With Purging System

Internal Hydraulic Clamp With Purging System

SPM EQUIPMENT is Internal Hydraulic Clamp With Purging System. We are offering different sizes of clamps for your valuable pipeline projects starting with 14” diameter.

The Purge Preventing Systems in the range manufactured by SPM EQUIPMENT are designed around the principle of using 2 silicon purging tubes to create a seal on either side of the weld, just far enough away from the weld not to be affected by heat but close enough to the joint to provide the fastest weld purge time. Once ready to start purging, the system is inserted into the bore of the pipe using a reach rod to center the system to the weld gap.

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When the gas flow is started, the silicon purging tube inflates and upon reaching the pre-set pressure, the valve releases the gas gently into the weld chamber to purge the interspace without turbulence. The Oxygen is removed from the weld chamber through the integral exhaust outline provided in the system. Used in conjunction with Oxygen Monitors to indicate when the required low level of oxygen has been reached, welding can then commence, with the inert gas enabling the welder to produce an even oxidation-free penetration weld bead. Afterward, the silicon purging tubes are deflated simply by operating the valve in the panel box and taken back the preventing system easily.

Our offered each clamp is machined for a specific pipe internal diameter and comes with a standard 12-meter reach rod, hook, and handle. Further, we are making standard size Internal Hydraulic Clamp With Purging System 12” to 48” and upper size will be available on request as per the client’s specification and requirement.


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