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pipe pushing roller
Heavy Duty Pipe Roller

Heavy Duty Pipeline Roller

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Roller Heavy Duty. Heavy Duty Pipeline Roller  is used for heavy pipe handling projects where a large span between pipe supports is required due to difficult to level terrain. SPM EQUIPMENT offers a custom design Pipe Roller Heavy Duty to suit a specific pipe diameter or varying diameter pipe. Our Pipe roller heavy duty available in size 6” to 48”

Our Pipe rollers are durable, strong and reliable solution for pipeline application and can be used on barges for transporting pipes.

Pipe Roller Heavy duty polyurethane coated helps protect the exterior coating of pipe when pipes are pushing or pulling. Polyurethane coated also ensures proper pipe system support, safety and operation.

pipeline roller

Feature & Advantages:-

pipeline roller
heavy duty pipeline roller
heavy duty pipeline roller side view