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Heavy Duty Pipeline Roller

Adjustable Rigging Roller

Adjustable Rigging Roller

Adjustable Rigging Roller

SPM EQUIPMENT is the topmost manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Horizontal Pipeline Roller in Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, Malaysia.  Our offered adjustable rigging rollers are used for installing new pipelines as well as pipeline maintenance work. Adjustable rigging rollers supplied with Teflon coated and urethane options handles on sides for safe and easy lifting and installation.

In polyurethane-coated adjustable rigging roller helps protect the exterior of pipe coatings during pipe crossing and installation. And also Pipe Rack Roller Suppliers

Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamp

Adjustment of the roller is done in three steps.

  1. Loosen the bolt which holds the roller frame to the base frame.
  2. Slide the frame sideways to the next to the arrow on the base plate aligns with the reference hole that refers to the size of the pipe you wish to adjust.
  3. Tighten the bolts to secure the frame to the base. The roller is now secured in the correct position to safely launch the required pipe diameter.

Feature & Advantanges:-

Pipeline Construction Equipment
Pneumatic Pipe Line Up Clamp
Hydraulic External Line Up Clamp

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