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Hydraulic Wedge Bending Mandrel

Hydraulic Wedge Bending Mandrel

Hydraulic Wedge Bending Mandrel

The SPM EQUIPMENT’S Wedge Bending Mandrel covers a range of diameters and is adjustable for wall thicknesses within the specified range of the mandrel. Our offered wedge Bending mandrel is available for pipe size 16” to 48” and also we are manufacturing customize mandrel as per the client’s specification and need. Adjustable to any wall thicknesses within specified mandrel range can cover two pipe sizes through the use of our conversion kits. Our Wedge Bending Mandrels are also available in both manual and motorized versions.

SPM EQUIPMENT Wedge Bending Mandrel is engineered to meet the bending specifications of high-grade pipe used in oil and gas pipeline projects.

Hydrulic External Line Up Clamp

Based on the pipe specifications (wall thickness) the mandrel is adjusted to the required setting by SPM EQUIPMENT.

The bending mandrel applies powerful radial support to the inner walls while remaining flexible lengthwise. This way a smooth bend is ensured and the diameter and roundness of the pipe are maintained.

Feature & Advantanges:-

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