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pipe fit-up outer clamp
Manual External Line-up Clamp (Tack Type)

Pipe Fit-up Outer Clamp (Tack Type)

SPM’s Pipe Line-up Outer Clamp (Tack Type) is precision Bored for Perfect Roundness and Pipe Sizing. We are manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Fit-up Outer Clamp in Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, Malaysia. Our Tack type Clamps are ruggedly built of quality steel to last longer. Additional sizes are available upon request.  All pipe fit-up outer clamps are precision fitted to the proper specification to ensure proper alignment and quick clamping with a convenient hand lever for quick line-up of the pipe.

tack type pipe fit-up outer clamp

Pipe Fit-up Outer Clamp - Feature & Advantages:-

pipe fit-up outer clamp side view
pipe fit-up outer clamp front view
pipe fit-up outer clamp