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Pipe Bending Machine

Pipe Bending Machine

Pipe Bending Machine

SPM EQUIPMENT offers a wide range of polyurethane disc plug mandrels. Polyurethane Disc Plug Mandrel is required for Pipe Bending Machine in pipe bending. It gives support inside the surface of the pipe. Permit more degree of bend without wrinkles. Our offered polyurethane disc plug mandrel is perfect in holding pipe “out of roundness” to a minimum in a standard bending system.

Depending on its size, the hydraulic mandrel either is moved manually within the pipe using a reach rod. To operate the mandrel, the pull-type version requires two hydraulic hoses, whereas the self-propelled version requires four hydraulic hoses. The hydraulic mandrel is supplied directly over the bending machine’s hydraulic system.

Cross Country Pipeline Equipment Manufacturer and supplier of in Russia, USA,UAE, Australia, Malaysia. 

Pipeline Lowering Belts

Feature & Advantanges:-

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Mandrel
Manual Internal Line Up Clamp
External Line Up Clamp

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