Maximum Utilization of Pipe Rollers in a Mechanical Operation

When it comes to horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and pipeline projects, the seamless travel of pipes is crucial. Classical rollers created too much friction and were responsible for most of the scratches, dents and thus expensive repairs.

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Introducing the Polyurethane Coated Pipe Roller, The Premier Solution for Horizontal Directional Drilling Pipe Rollers.
These rollers are meant to be of a higher quality than the traditional dolly, and they feature smooth rolling action with no friction that could wear out pipes over time.

Key Features and Benefits


Excellent Wear & Tear Resistance Findards

Polyurethane-Coated Pipe Rollers for Longevity and Maximum Performance Polyurethane-Coated - Poly-coating provides better abrasion resistance, less friction and smoother pipe-movement; which means there will not be wear-and-tear.

Support and Service

Versatile Application

Great in trench and on-road support, these rollers cover most pipe sizes across a multitude of different HDD projects.

Safety and health standards

Enhanced Efficiency

Our roller design allows for quick and easy changeover, which saves you time (and therefore money) on labour costs. Its reduced friction and increased movement play a big role towards operation efficiency, meaning your team can now perform faster and more effectively.

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