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Productivity and precision are critical in the fast-paced world of pipe maintenance, repair, & construction.
Every engineer knows that downtime means lost cash, and incorrect pipework can result in dangerous events.
The limitations of traditional pipe plugging methods have left skilled tradespeople to contend with leaks and poor seals in addition to time-intensive processes.

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The Frustration Every Industry Feels with Hydraulic Plug Mandrel

Try to consider handling seals that are so inconsistent they cost you money, time and safety. Your machines are running ragged and you do not have the manpower to conduct operations when your less-than-adequate equipment breaks down under the pressure of pulling off major project requirements.
Sealing pipe joints in pipes of different sizes and materials can be an almost impossible challenge without the correct equipment. The chaplet on this point, is a hydraulic plug mandrel.

What is The Ultimate Solution For That?

Key Features and Benefits

Versatile Applications

Improved Safety & Efficiency

Durable and Reliable

Why We Are Good At The Hydraulic Plug Mandrel?

We pride ourselves on being a top hydraulic plug mandrel manufacturer and providing only the finest quality, performance-proven products. So, why is our hydraulic plug mandrel different?

Experience & Innovation

With decades of experience and a commitment to innovation, we are dedicated to continuously improving our products to fit the changing demands around functionality. Our hydraulic plug mandrel reflects that dedication, providing the latest and greatest in industry-leading technology.


Solution Tailored To Your Needs

We know that every project is different so we provide Solutions according to your requirements. We collaborate with our clients to guarantee that the hydraulic plug mandrel works as an integral part of your implementation and offers impeccable efficiency & reliability.

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Beginning Consultation to Post Purchase Protection Every Step of the Way Whether you need more information on hydraulic plug mandrels or guidance when using them, our experts feature all the training and assistance services you will ever require to make your job easy.

Case Study Real Written Success

For instance, one of the largest pipeline maintenance companies in the USA just changed their project specifications to include using this hydraulic plug mandrel. And the results were incredible — they claimed project completion times fell by 30% and leak-related incidents at an industrial site dropped dramatically.
This case study illustrates the practical benefits of adopting and then integrating our best hydraulic plug mandrels into your ASCO Drill Stem Testing (DST) operations.

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